Wednesday, January 18, 2006

To coursemates,

This blog wasn't as convenient as it should be, the fileling system was troublesome and ineffective. So, a new yahoo group is set up in order to share notes, share opinions, ask for help and even chatting and talk crap. The group is still under construction and hopefully it can be fully functioning before CNY holidays.

P/S: friends below havent give me their yahoo account, please give me as soon as possible so we can complete the mailing list:
1. Albert Chan
2. Chia Ye Ye
3. Hee Chun Yang
4. Kuong Chee Siong
5. Liam Hooi San

p/s2: A little announcement to class, remember to attend tomorrow's (19/1) class @ 8:30 morning. The 'Book ordering list' now need your signature to confirm the ordering. If your signature was not seen, we wont get the book for you unless it is confirmed by signature, or smses (to XianWei) before Friday(20/1). Below are the detail of the booklist:

i. Natural Product of Plant, Kaufman, CRC Press (1999) +- $10
ii. Principles of Instrumenrtal Analysis, Skoog/Hooler, Brooks/Cole Press (1997) +- $12
iii. Applied Molecular Genetics, Meinsfield R.L., Wiley (1999) +- $12
iv. Entrepreneurship, Barringer (2006)+-$17

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Dr. Tee's note:

1. Calendar

2. Lab Regulation

3. Format of lab report

4. Weekly Schedule

Download instruction: After get into the mofile site, click 'downlaod now', wait 30 second and the link will appear. Any better online filing please share with me, Thankz!

Hello to UTAR BTY3S1 students. Last semester we have spent too lot on photocopying notes, and we still owe Jacky (photostat guy) alot of money. In order to save the money from photocopying, this site is set up to share the soft copy of the notes, and make announcement to course mates.

As the soft copies is now accessible thorugh online, we will photo copy the materials selectively, mainly the notes to be lecture or lectured in class. For extra copies, please kindly print it out in ICT centre. TQ

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